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Frequently Asked Questions

I keep forgetting how to find the link to the BMS, what do I do?
To make this easy to find as you will be logging in on a regular basis we suggest saving this as a favourite in your internet browser, or add it to the home screen of your phone. You can make a bookmark now, by going to:

Can I set my preferences for 'who' I am available to bake and drop to during the week?
This is not possible to set in the system. Where appropriate, chapters will be split into a few sublocales (mini regions) to let people hone in on where they are available to drop off baking. The provisional roster will contain the location and the delivery details so you can say if it isn't possible for you to do that bake before the weekly briefing is confirmed.

I only want to bake on the first Sunday of every month. How do I set my preferences so I am only asked for my availability on the first Sunday?
Unfortunately the system doesn't offer this feature. What you need to do is to set your preference for baking on a Sunday. Each month you are asked to complete an availability survey. This is then your opportunity to select which Sunday for that particular month you are available to bake. The system recognises your preference to bake on a Sunday and will list all of the Sunday's for that month. You can then select 'Yes' for the dates you are available to bake, and 'No' for the dates you are not available.

I am a shift worker. How do I set my preferences when I don't know when I am going to be available?
The preferences you are loading now are just your default availability. Each month you will still get an availability survey to complete. As you don.t know what day of the week you will be available all you need to do is complete your preferences as being available on every day. Alternatively, if you know you only ever bake during the week despite your shift pattern then set your preferences as being available Monday-Friday.
When the availability survey comes out it will list all of the days in that month that match your preferences you have set. If you set your preferences to all days then you will get a complete list of all the days in that month to choose from in your availability survey. You can then select 'Yes' for the dates you are available to bake, and 'No' for the dates you are not available.

How do you indicate in your preferences that you are available for a double bake?
At this stage, the system does not capture double bakes. Please let your chapter committee know that you are available for double bakes if you haven't already.

How do I set my preferences for a bake and drop?
If you are signing up for any bake and drop you will need to enter your preferences as being available on that particular day to bake, to drive and to deliver your baking. Even if you catch the bus or walk to deliver your baking to the recipient, this still needs to be recorded as your driving preference so we know where you are available to deliver to and on what day. There is a detailed user guide available in the user guides section to help you set your preferences in the BMS.

How does the availability survey work?
The availability survey is your opportunity to select the specific dates you are available to bake or drive for the upcoming month. The survey only asks you about days you have indicated you prefer to volunteer in your preferences. You will receive an email from the system to notify you that the availability survey for the upcoming month is ready for you to complete.
For example if you set a preference to bake on a Sunday, when the availability survey comes out it will only list the Sundays available in that upcoming month. You can then say 'Yes' or 'No' to the dates that are listed. As you are also asked to set your maximum bakes/drives in a month this allows you to say 'Yes' to as many dates as you want and the BMS will roster you up to that maximum you have set.

Once I am rostered to bake/drive, will I get an email notification to remind me of when this is coming up?
Yes you will be sent a reminder email three days before you are due to bake or drive and this will contain a link to the system so you can see the weekly briefing and the details of your upcoming bake or drive.

What do I do when at the last minute I can no longer do the bake or drive I am rostered for and I need to cancel this?
When you login to the BMS you will have access to all of the information for your chapter and your weekly briefings. It contains the latest information. Simply login to check out who is the Bitch in Charge for that week and contact them to let them know you are no longer available.

I am going away on holiday, how do I make myself unavailable for being rostered on?
You can login to the BMS and go to My Information and you will see an option there for entering periods of leave/holiday/unavailability.

I am moving and I would like to join a local chapter in my new location. Can I transfer from one chapter to aonther?
You can always transfer between chapters. You do not need to resign from your current chapter when you move. Once you have moved to your new location get in contact with the local chapter and ask to be transferred from your previous chapter.